Voda 902 is exceptional due to its purity since it springs from the hill of volcanic origin. The natural mountain spring of Voda 902 is located at the height of more than 1100 meters above sea level. Water originates from the untouched nature of Kamnik-Savinja Alps, more precisely on Črnivec, where there is no industry, inhabited areas and agricultural land that would cause water pollution. Thus over the years Voda 902 has become a synonym of pure and high-quality Slovenian water.

We have the »Champion of Quality«

The quality of water is confirmed by a large number of medals at the international evaluation AGRA, which we have received in recent years. In 2015, after three consecutive large gold medals, Voda 902 with elder flavour as the only water in Slovenia was awarded with the title “Champion of Quality”.

Quality without any compromises!

We constantly implement and check the quality of water as we do not accept any compromises as regards quality. Thus, Voda 902 is under constant supervision of the National Laboratory for Health, Environment and Food Celje, which constantly monitors and approves the quality of water.

In our company we are committed to providing the highest quality with the respective repeatability of all properties. In addition to continuous development of new, more efficient and more ecological neutral approaches we regularly perform the control of materials and control of products at the exit, which serves as the basis to issue a measurement report which is enclosed to each our product. Thus we implement the quality assurance on the highest possible level. Without any compromises.

Values and virtues that are basis of our business

The common values are conscious expression of this, for which the organization strives. These values,  of which we  take care for and which bring us together, are the fulfilment of expectations of our customers, the social responsibility, the trust and mutual respect of employees and suppliers at the highest level.

Quality and environment

Concern FOR environment.
FOR future generations.

Slovenia is beautiful. We should preserve it as such. For our future generations.

One of the most recognizable characteristics of Slovenia is a magnificent and preserved nature. It is a responsibility of all of us to protect it with our actions.

In Voda 902 with numerous measures we comprehensively approach to sustainable development. We work with nature and not against it. Our product is “Miracle of nature” and we want to preserve this miracle for our future generations. We choose environment friendly technological solutionsI and we expect the same from our suppliers, employees and business partners.

We set up the bottling line which meets the strict environmental standards. All our bottles are made of 100 % recyclable plastic. For support cardboards we use only 100 % recycled paper.

The bottle which can be
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AGRA 2016 Velika zlata medalja AGRA 2016 zlata medalja AGRA 2015 Šampion AGRA 2015 Zlata medalja AGRA 2015 Srebrna medalja