From the outset, the vision of our company was to set a different concept in selling water. The concept where a customer can very easily order water, without any high limitations on the quantity and colour and with guaranteed delivery within 24 hours. We have followed our vision which has led us to the position of currently leading Slovenian promotional water provider who supplies the successful domestic and foreign companies.

Do you know what is the taste of the spring water from the untouched nature of Kamnik-Savinja Alps like? In order to try it, you do not need to go to the Alps. We deliver the water to you…

The natural mountain spring of Voda 902 is located at the height of more than 1100 meters above sea level. Water originates from the untouched nature of Kamnik-Savinja Alps, more precisely on Črnivec, where there is no industry, inhabited areas and agricultural land that would cause water pollution.

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Do you know a story about »The Miracle of Nature« where from the hill of volcanic origin springs extremely pure water? Voda 902.

The best ideas come by chance. By chance which we know to recognize and identify that this is not “just a coincidence”. This was the case with Voda 902.

For the purposes of opening restaurant in Črnivec, the owner of Voda 902 Matevž Zavolovšek had to give water to the analysis. The results of analysis have shown that this is such superior water that it should be done “something” from this.

The analysis revealed that the water is exceptional due to its low conductivity, since it springs from the hill of volcanic origin. Since such stones are not water-soluble, Voda 902 ranks among very light water. Despite the fact that it does not have a high mineral content, its pH value is between 7.0 and 7.5. Water conductivity, which is otherwise the criterion for purity of water, is one of the main parameters that determine the quality of water. Water with low conductivity can much better and easier perform the role of transporting the substances which is the primary task of water in our body.

Thus Matevž decided to take advantage of that gift of nature. He decided to create the story from that » coincidence«. This was followed by the first chapter of the story – the idea about setting up a modern environment friendly bottling line.


Why name Voda 902?

902 m

Voda 902 is bottled at the height of 902 meters above sea level in the untouched nature of Kamnik-Savinja Alps. That’s why the name Voda 902.

Every time you will drink Voda 902 or you will offer a bottle with your label to your business partners, you will not afford »just water«. You will experience pleasure and an invaluable contact with the wonderful untouched nature of Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

And what is Matevž story today? What did happen to the idea of setting up the bottling line?


Today a modern bottling line with the production capacity of 6.000 bottles per hour is set up in Črnivec. Bottling line meets all the criteria according to the latest EU legislation. Thanks to huge capacity of underground reservoirs we are also in the periods of largest drought always well provided with the water of superior performance.

Voda 902 has become the leading Slovenian promotional water provider, successfully expanding its vision also to foreign markets. Our business concept with emphasis on the maximum orientation to the customer has been appreciated also in the countries outside EU. Thus, we are proud on our regular business with the clients from China. USA, Japan etc.

Already at the beginning of our operation we have made the decision to build our business with the maximum care for environment. That was the key factor when we decided to select and set up the bottling line which meets the latest environmental standards and to use exclusively packaging which is 100% recyclable.



Flexibility. Quick response. The best price on the market.

Natural spring water with flavour. For all those who in addition to exceptional quality also search for selected flavour.

As we are aware that sometimes the »natural taste« is just not enough, we wish to indulge you with special flavours. For this reason, our natural spring water Voda 902 is also available bottled as water with selected flavours (elder, apple, peach, strawberry and orange & lemon).

AGRA 2015 ŠampionVoda 902 with elder flavour is the »CHAMPION« among flavoured waters, as it was awarded as the only water in Slovenia with the title Champion of Quality AGRA 2015!


AGRA 2016 Velika zlata medalja AGRA 2016 zlata medalja AGRA 2015 Šampion AGRA 2015 Zlata medalja AGRA 2015 Srebrna medalja